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24 Jun 2024
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Black Series Camper – Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Black Series Camper

More and more people hear this about black series camper vans, but what are camper vans? Isn’t it a traditional motorhome? Do they have a shower? And toilet? Today we propose summarizing the camper concept, its main characteristics and sizes. If this is the primary time you are researching the camper world, you have come to the right place.

What are Camper Vans or Black Series Camper Vans?

In essence, a camper is a self-propelled vehicle for sleeping and travelling. The fundamental difference with traditional motorhomes is that they have refurbishes based on the original car, customizing the interior according to the purpose for which it is to use.

How many Sizes of Black Series Camper are There?

How many Sizes of Black Series Camper are there?

Strictly speaking, it would be a rather complicated question to answer. Or relatively easy, since there are as many sizes as there are sizes of camper vans. In essence, we can distinguish between three dimensions with different measurements. All of them can also be called camper vans. Let’s go by parts:

  • Mind campers or small campers.
  • Medium campers.
  • Large trailers or camper vans.

It should be said that the classification terminology is somewhat ambiguous, but this is the case throughout the sector. Sometimes they are called camper vans. Other times vacationer vans (since they come from van-type vehicles), and even motorhomes since, after all, they are technically motorhomes.

Operation and Characteristics of Black Series Camper Vans

In addition, in this article, we will also talk about:

  • How do camper vans work?
  • control panel
  • The water in the camper vans
  • Indoor and outdoor shower
  • Gray water emptying
  • The bathroom and the emptying of sewage
  • Hot water
  • The electricity in the camper
  • cook in the van
  • Heating
  • Skylights and extractor fans
  • Caravanning Glossary

Travel is a bridge that allows you to go from the visible world to the invisible. And learn the lessons of the world (Paulo Coelho).

Mini of Black Series Camper

Small Campers or Mini Campers

Some examples of this classification would be the Dacia Docker and Nissan NV200 camper models (there is also a version with an electric motor, the nv200 winter camper ). Its dimensions are about 4.40m long x 1.75m wide. They can arm with a gas cooker, a 40L fridge, a sink (with a 50L clean water tank), static heating, a solar panel or an awning.

These vehicles can go between 2 and 5 people according to homologation. If the lifting roof with an upper bed is installed, up to 4 people can sleep comfortably. As a general rule, it does not include a toilet; if it does, it will be the famous potty, the portable chemical toilet. We have also seen configurations with an outside shower.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Black Series Camper

The advantages of this type of vehicle are also a disadvantage. Let’s see why:

These vehicles are very maneuverable, consume little fuel and have no problem moving around the city (entering car parks, etc.). In addition, they go pretty unnoticed (as long as we do not raise the roof) as they have a very restrained size. On the other lateral of the coin, though more people can go, we do not recommend it for more than two depending on the days we travel. Again, standing on them will be impossible if we don’t have the lifting roof (and we have it raised).

Medium Campers

The most iconic of the campers there have been in this classification: The Volkswagen California. Other models with similar dimensions that also fall into the same type could be Toyota Proact, Citroen Jumpy, Peugeot Traveler, Opel Vivaro (Opel Vitara Life), Fiat Talents, Renault Traffics,  Nissan NV300 camper, Mercedes Marco Polo (Mercedes Vito ) or the Ford Transit Custom. The best way to find out the complete characteristics of each vehicle is to go to the brand’s website (or go to the official dealer) and see the full gallery of models.

The sizes of this classification vary quite a bit, more or less between 4.60 and 5.30m in length. The makes themselves have up to 3 different sizes of a similar model, such as the Citroen Jumpy has the XL (5.30m), the M (4.96M) and the XS (4.60M).

Large Campers or Camper Vans

Although there is no written rule, this size is often called a camper van, camper van or home van. And also, The possibilities in this type of vehicle are skyrocketing. Generally, the sizes range from 4.90m to 6.40m in length and from 2.25m to 2.80m in height. The terminology used by the brands is L1, L2, L3 and L4 for size and H1, H2 and H3 for height. From the H2, we can stand up inside the vehicle without a problem. And with this a ray of light illuminates, and the possibilities of computerization multiply.

Complete Equipment

As for equipment, these vehicles can perfectly equip to make all kinds of trips. In addition, if they have a solar panel and a second battery, you can have complete electrical independence. Large fridge, two gas burners, indoor/outdoor shower (and hot water!), static heating, toilet (can be fixed or mobile), etc. raise anything.

Types of Campers Vans

Types of Campers Vans

As previously stated, the definitions of motorhomes and campers are pretty ambiguous. Depending on where you consult, campers will be considered a group. This is the case of the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic). Motorhomes are described as special purpose vehicles for the transportation and accommodation of people. This definition may well adapt perfectly to what campers are.

And indeed, if we consult the dug document, we can see that campers consider one of the main types of motorhomes:

Capuchin motorhome: A capuchin motorhome consider a motorhome with a fixed bed in the cabin’s upper part. Typically in this space, there is a bed of essential dimensions that increases the number of people who can spend the night in it.

Profiled motorhome: In this case, a wardrobe or storage room (in some cases, not even that) locates in the upper part of the cabin, and the bed dispends with. And also, This makes the vehicle more aerodynamic, achieving a more manageable motorhome.

Integral motorhome: Integral-type motorhomes are more aerodynamic; in this case, there is no difference between the cabin and the rest of the vehicle. Being a single element, very spacious cabins achieve.

Camper motorhomes: Standard transport vans with a fully loaded cabin and interior condition as a motorhome. As we can see, we can consider campers as a type of motorhome camper-type motorhomes. And also, The differences established by the dug reflected in its speed limits condition by its construction. Likewise, this type often calf a camper van.


Holidays, a long weekend, a weekend or simply a getaway without any reason. Camper vans and motorhomes allow us freedom of leisure away from home with the comforts of home. And also, But not everything is just hitting the road. We must consider some fundamental points if we want to enjoy a road trip with all the possibilities that these leisure vehicles offer us. Preparation is everything, so let’s review the most critical issues.

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