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24 Jun 2024
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Journal hippique de demain lonab programme


The Journal Hippique de Main Lonab program offers top-level equine training and scholarship opportunities for talented young riders in France. Based at the prestigious Haras National du Pin equestrian center, it aims to develop the next generation of equine sports professionals. Students follow a rigorous curriculum that combines intensive riding lessons, horse care training, and academic studies related to equine science and business. The program focuses on dressage, show jumping, and eventing techniques. Instructors are internationally experienced equine experts who mentor students individually based on their abilities and goals. Beyond sports skills, the program also helps students gain essential soft skills like leadership, teamwork, and communication. Successful graduates earn a Brevet Professionnel de la Jeunesse, de l’Education Populaire et du Sport, qualifying them for riders, trainers, and more careers. The exclusive Journal Hippique de Main Lonab program thus offers passionate young riders an immersive path toward achieving their equestrian dreams.


journal hippique de demain lonab programme

The Journal Hippique de Main Lonab program provides extensive hands-on training across all equine disciplines and management facets. Students receive 30 hours of weekly riding instruction across various equestrian sports like dressage, show jumping, eventing, and polo. They practice fundamental techniques as well as advanced maneuvers. Complementing this are lessons in stable management, horse care, and saddlery. Students learn skills such as feeding, grooming, tacking, and handling different horse behaviors. They also get training in business aspects, including marketing, sales, event planning, and organization. Safety is emphasized, with students being taught protocols for emergency situations.

Additionally, courses cover equine sciences, rules, and judging. Guest lectures from professional riders and trainers further enhance knowledge. With its well-rounded curriculum taught by seasoned experts, the Journal Hippique de Main Lonab program equips students with comprehensive equine training for successful careers in the industry.

Scholarships opportunities

The Journal Hippique de Main Lonab program offers attractive scholarship opportunities to help nurture talented young riders. Students from France and abroad can apply for merit-based awards to fund their education. This includes full or partial tuition waivers available based on the applicant’s riding skills, academics, and financial needs. Some scholarships are earmarked for champions in junior categories at prestigious sporting events. Regular performance assessments allow students to renew their scholarships and maintain support throughout the multi-year program. Private sponsors and donors also provide dedicated scholarships for specific disciplines like show jumping or dressage. Winning a scholarship dramatically enhances one’s chances of succeeding as a professional rider by easing the financial burden. It also offers prestige and connections within the French equestrian federation. The program actively promotes these scholarship chances to attract the best young riders and groom them for international careers. The financial assistance makes world-class equine training accessible to deserving students regardless of their backgrounds.

Sports skills

journal hippique de demain lonab programme

A cornerstone of the Journal Hippique de Main Lonab program is intensive training in core equine sporting disciplines. Students hone their skills in dressage, show jumping, eventing, and polo through supervised lessons, practices, and competitions. In dressage, they learn to perform graceful maneuvers and achieve harmony with the horse through aids and communication. For show jumping, precise techniques are practiced to guide horses smoothly over obstacles at speed. Eventing combines cross-country riding navigation with endurance, dressage, and stadium jumping phases. Polo lessons focus on team tactics, stick-handling, and mounting/dismounting drills on the field. Correct riding positions, balanced seats, and the reins’ feel are emphasized no matter the sport. Students are also coached on competitive strategies, conditioning, and developing trust with their mounts. Regular assessments track progress. Upon graduation, students have mastered technical and mental aspects of riding skills at elite levels in their chosen fields.

Communication skills

An essential part of the well-rounded education at the Journal Hippique de Main Lonab program involves cultivating strong communication abilities. Students enhance their communication skills through daily interactions with instructors, peers, and horses. They give feedback to improve their riding and care techniques. Clear and calm communication is key to building trust and eliciting desired behaviors when working with equine athletes. Students also develop public speaking and presentation skills by sharing their knowledge and experiences during seminars, exhibitions, and competitions. The program emphasizes critical thinking, active listening, and resolving conflicts respectfully. Foreign language education, such as English, helps foster intercultural communication. Near the end, students complete internships where they apply their training, further building professional interactions and networking abilities. On graduating, they can confidently liaise with clients, officials, and global contacts required for careers in equine sports worldwide.


The Journal Hippique de Main Lonab program sets the gold standard for equine education in France and beyond. Its comprehensive curriculum and top-tier facilities at the Haras National du Pin provide students with unmatched opportunities to develop their passion and skills for equestrian sports. The program nurtures well-rounded professionals of the highest caliber through intensive training in disciplines like show jumping, dressage, and eventing, combined with equine management lessons, communication development and international experiences. Successful graduates are well-equipped for prominent careers as professional riders, trainers, coaches, veterinarians, and more within the global horse industry. With its illustrious alums and track record of excellence, the Journal Hippique de Main Lonab program continues to establish elite champions while furthering excellence in equine disciplines for generations.

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