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18 Apr 2024
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Power Wheels Battery Chargers – Types, Electric, Best, and More

Power Wheels Battery Chargers

Electric power wheels battery chargers are an essential component, but they can be damaged. So if you need to buy one at Orthorexia Mimas, we offer them. So you have two options: accept the chair brand’s original or a compatible one.

If you prefer the original power chair charger, let us know your chair’s make and serial number, and we’ll find it for you. However, if you want to buy the charger from another brand, we will have to check that it is compatible with your chair.

Types of Batteries for Electric Power Wheels Battery Chargers

Lithium batteries have the advantage of being lightweight, making them ideal for folding wheelchairs. They have more resistance to discharge, but due to their smaller size, they tend to have less autonomy.

Most mobility scooters have lead batteries: These are common elements in any vehicle, be it a car, motorcycle or truck. These are heavy batteries made up of sheets of lead. They have the disadvantage, in addition to their heavier weight, of the memory effect, since when carrying out short loads, they end up degrading. And they should always be placed in a vertical position.

Most scooters on the market have, in our opinion, the best option for all types of electric wheelchairs and scooters: gel batteries. It is a lead battery, but a product is added to the interior liquid to become a gel, allowing the battery to be placed in any position and not worry when moving or transporting the chair or scooter. They have more autonomy than lithium batteries; although they weigh more, they are also considerably cheaper.

Maintenance Tips

Batteries are an aware element, which with use will end up losing performance. But by following a few tips, we will make our scooter’s battery last longer and have more autonomy.

The batteries we supply in YMCA Mobility electric wheelchairs and scooters are provided with an approximate 60% charge and are maintenance-free batteries. Under no conditions should they open or filled with acid or any other product.

To achieve optimal battery performance, it is essential to follow the following instructions:

First Charge: make a FULL charge before using the vehicle for the first time.

Next 10 Days: during the following ten charges, deplete the batteries as much as possible and perform a full payment each time.

Rest of Charges: from charge 10, charge the batteries fully every time the vehicle use (if possible), even if the user has been scarce.

Long periods Without Using the Vehicles: Assuming that you do not use the vehicle for a period equal to or greater than 30 days, it is advisable to charge the batteries every 30 days approx. fully.

Completely Unplug from the Electrical Network: once the scooter or electric wheelchair is charged, unplug the charger from the electric network, and Very important, also unplug the charger from the vehicle.

Let’s leave the vehicle charger plugged in without connecting to the electrical network. Then, the scooter or electric wheelchair will not work, and the batteries will discharge through the charger.

At Kimco Movieland, we have all types of batteries for electric wheelchairs and electric scooters that you may need. If your battery fails, it does not have enough autonomy, or you have a problem with it, contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

Why Buy an Electric Power Wheels Battery Chargers?

Why Buy an Electric Power Wheels Battery Chargers?

Batteries are an essential point in the choice to buy an electric wheelchair. Autonomy is critical, and batteries thus become a comfort factor for our wheelchairs. In the same sense, buying the best wheelchair battery charger is also vital to keep our wheelchair in good condition and to have a long life.

What is the Best Power Wheels Battery Chargers?

As with motorcycles and cars, wheelchair batteries are specified for the chair, although in most cases, they will also work as electric mobility scooter batteries.  The same thing happens with wheelchair battery chargers. Manufacturers design chargers for this type of battery, and we must consider this when buying our charger.

Battery Chargers for Electric Power Wheels

These are some battery chargers for electric wheelchairs that you can buy through our website or in our Accessible Madrid store.

8ah Charger for Wheelchairs

Power wheelchair charger

  • Battery charger Output: Max 2.0A. Lead-acid and gel. Special electric wheelchairs.
  • Battery charger Output: Max 3.0A. Lead-acid and gel. Special electric wheelchairs.
  • Battery charger Output: Max 4.0A. Lead-acid and gel. Special electric wheelchairs.
  • Battery charger Output: Max 5.0A. Lead-acid and gel. Special electric wheelchairs.
  • Battery charger Output: Max 3.0A. Lead-acid and gel. Special electric wheelchairs.


One of the elements that have advances their technology the most in recent years is batteries. Its evolution has been constant, its size has reduce, and its features increase, especially since the use of the electric car has multiplied its services. The batteries for electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters are usually of three types: lithium-ion, lead-acid and gel.

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