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20 May 2024
Digital Marketing

Alphalete Marketing – Is Alphalete an MLM?

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How Much Does Alphalete Make a Year?

The average Alphalete Marketing salary ranges from approximately $20,000 per year for a Sales Associate to $52,000 per year for an Associate. Average Alphalete Marketing hourly pay ranges from approximately $13.00 for a Sales Representative to $17.44 per hour for an Event Assistant.

What type of Business is Alphalete?

Alphalete is the best-in-class full-service advertising company that delivers our clients with a direct-to-consumer new gaining. Our goals characteristically include Rearrangement loyalty in the merchandising industry. In addition, we are revolutionizing Fortune 100 companies’ marketing and sales programs for consumer loyalty.

Tribe Dynamics Influencer Marketing Spotlight: Alphalete

While it may not have the name appreciation of athleisure’s more established brands, Alphalete might be the next big thing in one of the style world’s hottest verticals. Founded in 2015 by suitability influencer Christian Guzman, Alphalete has used savvy communal-building strategies to assemble a highly engaged squad of “sponsored athletes.” These devoted brand fans have helped power significant Earned Media Value (EMV) growth: from May 2019 to April 2020, Alphalete collected $29.8M EMV, a 53% year-over-year surge.

This momentum and the right influencer marketing strategies behindhand rendered Alphalete the seventh subject of our Influencer Marketing Spotlight series. Following the examples of other athleisure-centered intelligence, from Fabletics to Lululemon, we highlighted how Alphalete achieved remarkable growth and how brands can utilize Tribe Subtleties to execute effective community-building strategies. Here are some of the critical topics discoursed in the report:

Alphalete Boasts Highly Potent, Loyal Public

Most brands in our Influencer Marketing Spotlight sequence have produced enthusiasm among their ambassador public, but even among this rarified crew, Alphalete stands out. Featured by a core squad of official Alphalete athletes and maintained by an affiliate program, consistent ambassadors—those who mentioned Alphalete from May 2019 to April 2020 and during the preceding year—generated a whopping $26.0M EMV or 87% of Alphabet’s $29.8M EMV total. And with a relatively small public of just 177 gratified creators, the brand boasted an enormous $168.4k EMV per Ambassador regular.

Christian Guzman Shows Crucial to Alphalete’s Achievement on Social

When you’re a brand trying to figure out what reverberates with influencers, it’s pretty helpful to have an influencer as your founder. Christian Guzman’s social posts do not total toward Alphalete’s overall EMV total—as a rule; Tribe Dynamics counts content creation from brands’ founders as “owned” somewhat than “earned”—his fingerprints and image are all over Alphalete’s social branding. Whether posing in the brand’s latest gear or sharing inspirational workout content, Guzman remains a dynamic, versatile asset for Alphalete and an integral component of its social media success.

Alphalete Makes Moves to Expand Into Lifestyle

Following other athleisure brands’ footsteps, Alphalete is attempting to expand its scope from workout gear to a way of life. At media time, Alphalete is hard at work opening its first-ever fitness facility (Alphaland) and ready meal service (AlphaEats), both enjoying heavy promotion from Guzman and the brand’s sponsored athletes. However, Alphalete may have to temper these initiatives given current economic uncertainty—though athleisure brands remain uniquely well-positioned to exploit #AtHome trends.

Even amid the highly soaked athleisure market, Alphalete’s passionate and prolific influencer public sets it apart. In other words, that gap in name acknowledgment may soon be a thing of the previous. To study more about Alphalete and how your brand can take advantage of Tribe Dynamics, download our Influencer Marketing Interest: Alphalete report today.


Alphalete Marketing is an important marketing and sales company based in Arlington, Texas. Our team prides itself on managing each client’s accounts as positively as possible. Therefore, we provide our customers with the very best employees.

Each of our team members is highly interested in delivering a personal representation explicitly catered to meet that account’s needs and exceed our client’s expectations. We aim to provide our respected clientele with the best in marketing, sales, branding, promotions, and advertising for their company profile. If you’re looking to take your company to the next level, look no further; you’ve found the most motivated team dedicated to bringing you there.

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