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24 Jun 2024

Wichita Business Journal, A Glance to 150 Years of Wichita History

Wichita Business Journal – Wichita served as a trading centre and meeting place for 11,000 years for nomadic persons, but it wasn’t pending 1863 that the first permanent settlement of Wichita Indians remained recorded. Soon after, J.R. Mead developed the first white colonizer when he opened a trading post and recognized the area as a base for the Chisholm Trail.

Today, Wichita is Kansas’ largest city filled with important aviation and western custom, arts and culture, entrepreneurs and seats to dine, shop, and play. As we celebrate Wichita’s sesquicentennial, look back at some important dates in the city’s history.

Economic Drivers Focus on Agriculture

Forty-five per cent of the state’s total economy is a direct result of Kansas agriculture, according to the Kansas Agriculture 2018 publication. With a real economic contribution of $68 billion to the state, Kansas leaders are committed to sustaining and growing this vital industry which employs thirteen per cent of the workforce.

From vineyards to cattle ranches, Kansas entrepreneurs promote and export the state’s agricultural products around the globe. Topmost ag exports include wheat, beef and veal, soybeans, oilseeds and products, foods and feed grains and corn. The Greater Wichita Company keeps an updated listing of value-added agriculture operations in the ten-county region and their current employment numbers on its website.

What Drives the Wichita Economy?

Agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare and energy are significant drivers of the area’s economy. The Central Reserve Bank of Kansas City tracks the most recent growths in these sectors and unemployment information for groups in the state. The Center for Economic Growth and Business Research (CEDBR) at Wichita State University updates service forecasts for Kansas and Wichita. Someplace Affordable? Can’t Do Better Than Wichita

Everyone in Wichita identifies their city’s great, but the plodder media is finally infectious up to speed. CNN called Wichita ninth on their list of the best U.S. cities to live in, MSN Real Land ranked it as the number one most fantastic fair city, and Newsmax billed it as the most uniquely American city.

Their City Landmark Is So Much Cooler Than Yours

Wichita Business Journal – At the gateway to the city stands The Keeper Of The Plains, a 44-foot tall sculpture of Arkansas and Little Arkansas canals that supervises the town. As if it weren’t cool good, they added fire pits lighted at night to illuminate the sculpture, making it visible from far away. What other city can say its major landmark includes fire pits? None, that’s how many.

Wichita Is A Unreliable City Through And Concluded

You would be right if you picture Wichita full of conservative families who are unbelievably lovely. Sure there are exclusions to every rule, but generally, Wichita is just as Midwestern as you’d expect it to be. Anyone observing for proof can check out the Old Cowtown Museum or the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum.

You Should Know Your Neighborhood

Picking a neighbourhood can be the most challenging moving part, but here are a few inside tips. Two of Wichita’s most popular residential areas are College Hill and Waterside, and. College Hill sits east of the central district. Still, you’ll likely find more students here just below Wichita State University. College Hill is more historical if that’s what you’re into, while Riverside is more scenic.

Old Town Is New Town

east of downtown remains Old, which continued changing the old warehouse region of stylish town units, complete through cool exposed brick limestone bed-sitters, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, a ton of specialist shops, well-known farmer’s marketplace. When you’re looking for action, head to Old Town.

Wichita Is The Air Capital Of The World

In the first half of the 20th century, Wichita played a significant role in the progression of aviation and the production of aeroplanes. Many remain produced today, and the Kansas Aviation Museum in Wichita pays homage to the history. The Wichita Trip Festival brings everyone from across the state and beyond together to celebrate.


Wichita Business Journal – As a significant entrepreneurial business centre during the pre and post-war period, Wichita helped create some big names in the business, such as Coleman, Mentholatum and Koch Industries. But who cares about them? What matters is the food. Junk food fans can thank Wichita for all those late-night runs to Pizza Hut and White Castle, both born here.

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