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20 May 2024

Cash Advance Apps that Work with Chime – Benefits, and More

Cash Advance Apps

Even the best cash advance app is financial wizards need a little help from time to time. If payday is still around the corner, but you need a little cash now, these apps can help you quickly get small amounts of additional funds into your bank account.

We’ve researched the best options, looking at each service’s loan amounts, fees (even sneaky hidden fees), overall speed to your checking account, and payment terms.

Why use a Cash Advance App?

Cash advance applications give you money at a much lower rate (and much less hassle) than a traditional personal loan. Cash advance applications allow for short-term, low-amount loans, with many options that don’t charge a penny for their services. These apps are perfect when your direct payday deposit hasn’t arrived yet, but you need a cushion to avoid overdraft fees.

Key Features of Cash Advance App

  • Borrow up to $500/pay period or $100/day
  • Instantly withdraw your loan (fees apply)
  • Operates on voluntary tips, so there are no mandatory fees.

The Benefits and Dangers of Salary Advance Applications

The Benefits and Dangers of Salary Advance Applications

These phone-accessible services can provide emergency funds to help you out of a tight spot but can be problematic when overused. CR explains how they work. Terry Patterson, an IT worker in Austin, Texas, needed money to visit his father in Arkansas last summer, but he couldn’t wait for his next paycheck. So, he got a $50 cash advance using an advance payment app on his phone called Money Lion.

It’s easy to get caught up in these services

While getting an advance payment from time to time may not being a problem and could help you avoid overdraft fees, research shows that users use these services regularly. In the four companies studied by FHN, a policy group in the area, more than 70% of users obtained consecutive advances biweekly during a year.

Quinten Farmer, co-founder and president of Even, a service associated with Walmart, says users access their funds more than once a month and use the app’s dashboard daily to track their hours, plan their finances and see how much of their salary may be available for an advance…

An Advance Payment is Probably not Good for your Credit History

An astonishing 97% of salary access transactions were recovered by providers, according to the FHN study. But those good payment habits don’t help build a credit history.

“Consumers should know that most of these apps don’t help you boost your credit score,” says Washington. “Furthermore, the consumer does not appear to have the option to spread rebate payments over multiple future paychecks.”

Applications to Request Money Advances Before Payday

Thanks to modern technology, there is a healthier solution. Currently, several applications request money advances before payday, which help you go from one payday to the next, giving you access to the money you need. This way, if you’re in the middle of the week and have to buy a new battery for your car, you can get the money to cover the repair without paying enormous interest and fees.

How Applications Work to Request Money Advances Before Payday

Technically, the service offered by these applications is not a loan. It is a salary advance. A payday advance application pays you for some of the work you’ve already done, even if your check is still many days away. In other words, getting paid slightly earlier for work you’ve already done is a method.

Apps make money in other ways, including tips and monthly fees. The app transfers $100 to your checking account, and when your next pay arrives, the app takes $100 directly from it to cover the cost . It’s the same way a payday loan the whole thing, but with one crucial change: There’s no attention. When you get your paycheck, all that originates from it is the $100 you received, without an extra $15 or more in interest.

The Best Applications to Request Money Advances Before Payday

The Best Applications to Request Money Advances Before Payday

Some pre-payday advance apps do only one thing: They give you access to your paycheck ahead of time. However, most of them come with more topographies. For example, they offer online banking, cash back shopping, online investing, and tools for employers to manage their workforce.

1. Brigit of Cash Advance App

Perhaps the most supple payday advance app is Brigit. Brigit automatically withdraws the money from your bank account when your next paycheck arrives. Delivery in just one minute up to 250 dollars to your account, without the need to check the credit.

Brigit does not offer cash advances to anyone. You must meet the application requirements to:

Income: You must prove that your monthly payment is above a certain amount, which is not specified on the site.

Banking: You must have a checking account at least 60 days old with a balance greater than $0. In addition, you must show “sufficient activity” on your account.

Brigit’s score: This tool applies a scoring system similar to a credit score to all members. It is based on your earnings, expenses, and banking behavior.

2. Empower of Cash Advance App

With Empower, another pre-payday cash advance app, you can get an interest-free advance of up to $250 at any time during your pay cycle*. However, Empower is more than just a staff advance application. It is an online interest-bearing checking account that includes:

Interest checking account: Empower Checking pays 0.25% APY with no monthly balance. It comes with a debit card and repays up to three ATM fees monthly.

Automatic savings: Empower also has an auto-save feature. The app automatically tracks your income and expenses and uses that information to transfer money to your Savings Account.

Budget: You can also use Empower as a budgeting app. The app suggests an overhead limit based on your income, and you decide how much of that limit to spend on specific budget categories.

Savings tips: Empower lets you know where you can save money as you track your spending. For example, it can tell you how much you spend on a subscription.

3. Chime of Cash Advance App

The Chime app does not offer salary advances in the same way as some others on the list. Instead, it’s an online bank explanation that gives you admission to your salary faster. If you have a Chime explanation with direct credit, your salary will be available when your employer deposits it into the account.

Chime is a full-service bank account that you can use to transfer money, send and deposit checks, and pay bills online. It also offers many other advantages that most bank accounts do not:

There are no hidden fees: Most traditional banks charge your accounts with expensive bank fees.

Bank alerts: Chime helps you keep track of your money by end you a signal every time you transfer money into or out of your account.

Automatic savings: Chime offers a savings explanation with built-in automatic investment features. For example, you can have 10% of each paycheck transferred to your savings account immediately.

Debit card blocking: If your withdrawal card is lost or stolen, stop others from using it by deactivating it in the app with a single tap.


One of the attractions of Chime is that, besides having a network of almost 60,000 ATMs throughout the country, it does not evaluate the banking history of its clients. In addition, it does not charge surcharges for overdrafts of up to $200 (certain conditions apply) and does not require the maintenance of a minimum monthly balance to enjoy its services.

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