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18 Apr 2024

Entrepreneur Magazine – Addressed, Quality, Graduate, and More

Entrepreneur Magazine

The Entrepreneurs magazine used for nearly three periods, this fortnightly has offered comprehensive public training and short meetings on entrepreneurship and community doings. “Emendators” is a bimonthly magazine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. And also, which is generated in the Faculty of Accounting and Administration. And also, through its National Provision Center for Small and Average Initiatives (Canapé).

What are “Entrepreneurs”?

What are “Entrepreneurs”?

Entrepreneurs is a free and open access digital university fortnightly that, with articles and brief meetings. And also, is enthusiastic about bringing to the general public the knowledge of administrative, accounting, monetary, and related disciplines.

Who is it Addressed to Entrepreneurs Magazine?

  • To the public interested in free enterprise issues.
  • To entrepreneurs and business people.
  • Anyone interested in starting a business.

What issues do “Entrepreneurs” Address?

“Expenditures” deals with managerial, secretarial, and financial topics through articles and brief meetings with new and current information. And also, Our authors, mainly university lecturers, are specialists in the issues they address.

How are Entrepreneurs Magazine Distributed?

Accessible via the Internet. “Entrepreneurs” can be downloaded in PDF format.” Promoting, helping. And also, providing support to the new ventures that are being created in the country is one of our main objectives,” says Eduardo Rodríguez Razo. And also, a unicameralists graduate of the Economics career and director of the magazine.

High-Quality Accreditation of Entrepreneur Magazine

High-Quality Accreditation of Entrepreneur Magazine

The Expender Fortnightly has always had our institution in mind in its books, one of them. And also, the disclosure made in one of its numbers about the High-Quality Accreditation granted. And also, by the Ministry of National Education to our household of studies the inauguration of the Project Building Site. It And also, and the appointment of Fernando Cuevas Lubitsch as coordinator of the Alumni and Alumni Office.

The Expender Magazine reaches nearly 39,000 business people and entrepreneurs from different parts of the country free of charge. And also, Its vision is to be a reference medium for entrepreneurs from all over the country and help them promote. And also, their business ideas so that they are successful.

About our Graduate of Entrepreneurs Magazine

Eduardo Rodríguez Orzo is a unicameralist economist progressed in 1980. And also, He has worked as an entrepreneur, college professor, and project evaluator; and has dedicated himself to teaching training and internal seminars for companies. And also, The was director of the first ostrich breeding and breeding farm in Colombia. He is currently the manager of the company Todo an Comercio International, owner of the directory of Colombian exporters, and director of the magazine Expender. And also, He is the author of How to Set Up a Successful Ostrich Farm.

Free Online Sequences for Entrepreneurs

We are Educating and Supporting Underserved Entrepreneurs in 195 countries. And also, Using our exclusive “Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Achievement,” we have helped entrepreneurs raise over $100 million. And also, We facilitate introductions to investors, professional service providers, and other entrepreneurs.

Start Your Roadmap to Success Now!

  • Free Online Courses for Entrepreneurs
  • Member Only Private Online Forum
  • Free Sample Business Plan, Business Plan Outline
  • Business Plan, Marketing Plan, and Export Plan Evaluation Service
  • Help from Our Mentors, Experts, and Partners
  • Stress Test Your Ideas for a New Business
  • Start Your Business. And also, Absorb How To Raise Money from Investors
  • Free Web Site and Hosting For Launching
  • Help You Create Your Press Release and Promote Your Corporation
  • Structured Online Courses, Workshops, and Guest Lectures
  • Online resources, including business plan templates, financial spreadsheets. And also, necessary legal documents
  • Education and work online to make a Free Certificate from the Global Entrepreneurship Institute
  • Global Entrepreneurship Institute is an IRS 501(c)(3) Non-Profit: Public Aid, And also, Educational, Economic Development.

We are the Trusted Source for Educating and Supporting Entrepreneurs

Founded in 1996 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, our Mission is to spread wealth. And also, creation worldwide by encouraging entrepreneurship and sharing knowledge with those who educate then support entrepreneurs. And also, We put “global” in global entrepreneurship.

Our Vision is to empower entrepreneurs with a roadmap and support that guides. And also, them through the transition from start-ups to micro-enterprises and small and medium-sized. And also, businesses that create jobs, lead innovation, and increase economic development in their local communities.

Top Business Publications for Entrepreneurs Magazine

What magazines do entrepreneurs read? What are the best business publications? Here’s the quick list!

  • Entrepreneur.
  • The Economist.
  • Fast Company.
  • Fortune.
  • Forbes.
  • Wired.
  • The Black EOE Journal.
  • Inventors Digest.
  • Harvard Business Review (HBR).

The Economist of Digital Magazine

The Economist of Digital Magazine

Entrepreneurs know the value of staying on top of economic and global news. And also, The Economist – Digital Magazine delivers this to you weekly. Setting it apart from other business magazines. And also, The Economist provides a global look at the world, serving its vast readership well. Get expert advice for starting and improving your business.

Read about successful entrepreneurial companies worldwide, find out what is needed for entrepreneurial ecosystems to flourish. And also, study up on business and finance news of the workweek. And also, With insightful analysis and a worldly perspective, this is one of the top magazines for entrepreneurs, offering an immense online platform including audio and podcast.

Entrepreneurs Connects with Millions of Business Owners

who drive forward with the ideas and innovations that impact us all. And also, They are an irresistible force inspired to lead, determined to define success on their items, and as passionate about effort as they are played. And also, Make your brand the preferred choice with these affluent business decision-makers with various customized programs integrated across digital, print, event, and community platforms.

Entrepreneurs Magazine Empowerment Program

Our flagship Entrepreneur Empowerment Program works with 50 early-stage small business owners annually. And also, It is Louisiana’s largest and most comprehensive mentorship and training small business incubator. Over 90% of these business owners are women of color. And also, Each entrepreneur has access to the same resources over 12 months:

  • 15+ hours of personal and business finance training.
  • 5+ hours of non-financial business training.
  • 40+ hours of professional mentorship.
  • A cash stipend to allocate towards business expenses.
  • Access to discounted professional services.
  • Access to free financial planning resources.
  • Access to discounted loans up to $100k.


Expenditures Magazine is a monthly publication that offers valuable information for entrepreneurship in marketing and finance. And also, such as examples of successful new companies, interviews with entrepreneurs, opinion articles, and a franchise section. And also, The Business Plans section is a handy section that provides examples of complete business plans for different activities.

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