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18 Jul 2024


www.instamod. net appears to be an Instagram services provider selling artificial engagement and promotion through illegitimate and potentially risky means. One would need to research further to determine the legitimacy and trustworthiness of any services purchased through such sites.

The site focuses on helping users grow their Instagram follower count and engagement through various promotional services. Some primary services advertised include follower/like packages, auto-liking/commenting tools, engagement groups, story views boosting, etc.

These are aimed at artificially inflating Instagram metrics rather than organic growth. This goes against Instagram’s policies. Pricing tiers are shown for different follower/like/comment packages ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Payment is accepted through various online payment methods like PayPal, Bitcoin, gift cards, etc. Little information is provided about the ownership or operations of the site. Contact details are also limited.

Features Of is a website that offers various services for Instagram accounts. The site provides users with different modified apps and tools that allow them to boost metrics like followers, likes, comments, and views in an artificial manner. Some of their main offerings include InstaPro, Insta Thunder, and Insta Ultra, which are modded versions of the Instagram app with additional functions.

These modified Instagram apps contain features like auto-liking, commenting, and following/unfollowing capabilities and tools for rapidly increasing a user’s story views. These services aim to inflate Instagram profiles by manipulating engagement, which goes against the platform’s guidelines. The site provides pricing tiers for packages that promise high volumes of fake engagements, ranging from a few dollars to hundreds.

Payments can be done through Paypal, Bitcoin, and gift cards. However, little information is disclosed about the website’s operators. While the services could boost metrics quickly, they are ultimately fraudulent and risk account penalties from Instagram. Overall, aims to sell artificial growth hacks for Instagram through unauthorized, modified apps and automated engagement tools.

Uses of www.instamod. net

www.instamod. net provides various modified Instagram applications and automation tools that can inflate user engagement metrics and follower counts artificially. While some users may be tempted to download the modded apps and services to grow their profiles quickly, most activities promoted on the site are against Instagram’s terms of service.

Some of the main ways the tools offered on could be used include artificially boosting a profile to market brands and products in the hopes of gaining more organic followers over time, experimenting with unnatural growth tactics to understand Instagram algorithms better, or boosting individual stats solely for the social validation and perceived credibility that enormous follower counts provide.

However, any engagement gained through the site’s automated likes, comments, and follows would prove unsustainable once the use of the tools ceases. Ultimately, focuses on distributing unauthorized, modified apps that promote deceptive and fraudulent behavior on Instagram.

Latest version of constantly updates its offerings to provide users with the latest modified Instagram apps and tools. The site focuses on three main automated engagement programs – InstaPro, Insta Thunder, and Insta Ultra.

Based on the most recent blogs and download pages on the website, the current versions appear to be InstaPro v10.30, Insta Thunder v15, and Insta Ultra v0.9.7.25A. These updated versions promise new and improved features over previous releases.

For example, InstaPro v10.30 now includes an “anti-delete message” function to prevent DMs from being removed. Insta Thunder v15 has also been optimized for speed. The site emphasizes that these latest versions are the best options for artificially boosting metrics.

However, all the modifications enable engagement manipulation that breaches Instagram’s guidelines. Still continuously rolling out updates, ensures its applications and services remain at the cutting edge. This likely helps retain existing users and attract customers seeking the most recent growth hacking tools.


While presents as a provider of modified Instagram apps and services, its true purpose is artificially inflating user engagement through fraudulent and prohibited means. The site advertises the latest versions of apps like InstaPro, Insta Thunder, and Insta Ultra, aiming to automatically boost metrics such as followers, likes, and views.

However, these modifications exist solely to manipulate engagement in violation of Instagram’s policies. They provide no legitimate value and risk accounts being deleted. Furthermore, there is little transparency about the website’s operators, and no guarantee that purchased services would be delivered safely and effectively.

Overall, sells an illusion of explosive growth through fake engagement that could undermine authentic connections on Instagram over time. More sustainable alternatives exist for professionals seeking to manage profiles and build original communities organically within the platform’s terms of use. Any growth attained through’s unauthorized methods would ultimately be meaningless and inauthentic.

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