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18 Apr 2024

Cheating Secret Messaging Apps

Cheating Secret Messaging Apps

A cheating secret messaging apps there are now thousands of apps on the Google Play Store, and many focus on instant messaging. There is no doubt that WhatsApp is one of the most used in the world, but it is not the most secure. For this reason, and with the idea that you try other alternatives, we bring you the five best secret chat apps that delete your messages and are available for Android and iOS devices.

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Google Play

Many users want to encrypt their messages and keep them visible only to themselves or the recipient, for whatever reason, such as data protection. For that reason, if you want to prevent someone from accessing your messages, you can always take a look at these five secret chat apps that delete your messages. In short, secret chats on Android allow you to have encrypted and more secure conversations.


Undoubtedly, Telegram is one of the most secure applications for mobile devices, something that its creator has always boasted about. Thanks to strong encryption, everything on Telegram is kept private and vigorously protected. In addition, this instant messaging app allows you to start secret conversations. It even allows you to lock the app with a PIN so no one can open it.


Consequently, the signal is not a slacker in terms of security. Signal was created with the intention of being a personal discussions app.


The Viber is another alternative to creating secret chats. Viber is another viral instant messaging app that is even one of the most secure. An app with a color-coded system indicates the degree of protection of a conversation, being gray for encrypted conversations and red to alert a security problem.


An application that stands out for having all messages encrypted from end to end locally, so they are always protected and inaccessible to others. The Silence app is another option when it comes to creating private chats. Available for Android, Silence is an app for SMS and MMS messages , so a data plan is required to use it.


Unlike the rest of this list, three is a payment application with high-security protocols. Both messages and voice calls are fully protected and end-to-end encrypted, as are the shared files. Undoubtedly, a good option if you are looking for absolute privacy.

Aren’t all Cheating Secret Messaging Apps?

Aren't all Cheating Secret Messaging Apps?


A first nuance will have arisen in more than one mind in more than one messaging app user who may be reading this article. What’s the point of secret chats if all my talks are already secret? Or is it that they are not? This doubt may be because the messaging apps are incorrectly calling these point-to-point chats.

How do Cheating Secret Messaging Apps work?

Secret Chat

As we have said before, secret chats should call peer-to-peer chats. When we create them, both participating users are stuck on the device they are using at that moment. If the conversation starts between two mobiles, it will tie solely and exclusively to said mobiles without reflect on tablets or personal computers.

So what is a Cheating Secret Messaging App for?

So what is a Cheating Secret Messaging


Top Secret

Contrary to popular belief, secret chats we create to plan how to dispose of a body or decide where the subsequent delivery is to be made. Private conversations were born to respond to a need, that of being able to send sensitive information to other contacts with the total guarantee that it would not be accessible by a third party.

  • Secret chats allow us to send confidential information such as bank passwords, account numbers, or passwords of all kinds
  • Secret chats are, therefore, able to exchange confidential and high-risk information, ideal if we have to send some bank information or access to our accounts to a contact.

I’m Interested. Which Apps have Secret Chats?

If at this point, you interest in secret chats for something other than to commit illegalities or infidelities, there are currently several apps that allow you to access this type of chat, named in one way or another. Although the term “secret chat” is becoming more and more popular.

Secret Chats are Present in More and More Mobile Messaging Apps

Secret Chats are Present

Being the last to arrive, we start with FB Messenger and its secret chat option. Although it only appears in the beta, it is practically falling for now. Whisper is another app that offers us secret chats, ring ID, Telegram, Kaka Talk, or Sure Spot. We also have Signal, Silent Phone, or Chat Secure.

Simple Guide to Create Secret Chats on WhatsApp

Before starting with the steps, it is necessary to mention that this method will apply to new messages, not those previously sent. Follow our guide below:

  • The first thing you should do is check if your WhatsApp update to its latest version. You can do this by entering the virtual store of your mobile device.
  • Then open the app and enter the chat you want to make ‘secret.’
  • Click on the contact’s name at the top of the conversation to bring up the user’s information.
  • In this section, several options and tabs will appear, of which you must click on ‘Temporary messages.’
  • Immediately, a new menu will open, with which you can configure the duration of the messages.
  • You will have to choose if the messages will disappear in 1 day (24 hours), seven days, or 90 days after being sent.


Secret Messaging comes to mobile devices mainly as third-party apps. If not in the form of apps, it’s an optional feature within a regular messaging app that will help you keep your private messages even more personal. If you’re a fan of sending sensitive or confidential details through third-party messaging apps, you’ll appreciate that secret messaging is already commonplace on them. As for which apps support hidden or protected conversations.

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