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23 Feb 2024

What is Bad Bunny Braids?

The bad bunny braids seem to be a king Midas of every trend he tries. Braids are a type of hairstyle that, without a doubt, we can closely relate to our culture, from the original populations of the country, through the independence and revolutionary era, to icons such as Frida Kahlo. But to all this, where does the man come in? The truth is that he has a hairstyle related to women. And it was evident since it is much more common for them to have long hair and thus one or several braids. We believe it is time for this hairstyle to become popular among us (obviously only if you wear your hair longer than your shoulder).

Bad Bunny Braids Makes the Acapulco Fashionable

Who else could it be but Bad Bunny? We know, for many, the Puerto Rican interpreter is quite controversial (misunderstood) with his fashion proposals and grooming. For us, Bad Bunny is a singer who, in addition to setting the trend with his music, has also achieved it with his style.

The model for which Bad Bunny has decided to bet is neither the traditional spike nor the crown type but the Acapulco braid. That’s right, that option that the coastal people always offer on the beaches of Acapulco -what’s up! Not only in Acapulco but throughout the Mexican Caribbean and Pacific-promising to leave our hair well braided.

What Type of Man is the Acapulco Bad Bunny Braids for?

Do you have long hair? Or, within your purposes, is a change of look. A good option is these Acapulco braids. We remind you that this hairstyle is informal. Avoid braids if your job requires a strict and relatively traditional dress code. On the other pointer, if you have the freedom to experiment with your image, a good bet -for the bravest and fashionistas- is the Cauquenes.

The Care of the Acapulquena Bad Bunn Braids

The Care of the Acapulquena Bad Bunn Braids

Once you bring your braids like Bad Bunny, regardless of whether you have done them in Acapulco or with your trusted hairdresser, maintenance will be necessary. To learn more about care, we approached Davo Sthebané, a grooming expert (especially in hair), to give us some tips.

Here is an important aspect to consider, if you have a weak scalp or a tendency to fall, Avoid making braids! The main thing to consider is that braiding the hair weakens the hair fiber. This is due to the stress the hair is subjected to since stretching the hair will be the perfect excuse to promote hair loss.

l Look Bad Bunny Braids End Loss Billboard Music Awards 2020

This year has been end loss is very different in many aspects. For this reason, these awards and some others have been reinvented, beginning by presenting a very brief red carpet via social networks, creating a healthy distance between the presenter, the artists, and the presenters of the different categories. Of course, Bad Bunny’s 2020 Billboard Music Awards show was carried out this way.

We had already become familiar with the idea of ​​irreverent looks until he participated in Savage x Fenty Vol.II, where he presented a very sober look with a suit and t-shirt, and today, he seems to create a style manifesto with the look he carries.

Bad Bunny’s Message at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards

The artist, originally from Puerto Rico, sang ‘Ella Pedrera sola’ in a duet with Ivy Queen in a performance that undoubtedly stirred within us the desire to dance and to think that perhaps there is a new way of wearing the suit. I want to best this prize to all women worldwide, particularly Latin women. Without you, nothing would exist, not music or absolutely nothing, so enough sexist violence against women. This is a social message. We must respect them,’ said the singer upon receiving the award once he had finished presenting it.

Bad Bunny, a Label of Style and Fashion

Bad Bunny, a Label of Style

The ‘bad rabbit’ captures all eyes due to his particular clothing.  Some designers take advantage of it to push their products. The Beautiful Blondie is a space to discuss fashion, beauty, and self-love regardless of size. Here you will find creativity, many tips, and treats for the heart, while we find that style that makes us unique and with which we are inspired every day. Welcome to my world! Pamela, one more friend.

Taking advantage of the fact that these days that the artist is a trend due to his concert tour that will bring him to our country on three dates, from The Beautiful Blondie we decided to analyze, quickly, those five keys to good dress that Bad Bunny gives us. Good style when dressing.

Full Accessories

Large chains and gold at its best have accompanied artists like the Puerto Rican for decades. Although rap has been the forerunner of “the bigger and the better it hangs on the neck,” the reggaeton singers adopted the style, but Bad Bunny took it to another level.

Hair Steals the Spotlight

Hair will always be an “accessory” in favor of our image and wearing it with pride and in many styles are the keys to getting the most out of it. Bad Bunny has adapted his cuts according to his musical stage. For example, a few years ago, we saw a buzz cut with extravagant designs on his head that stood out even more when accompanied by unique sunglasses…

The Sunglasses

Something that sets Bad Bunny apart is his sunglasses. We have seen it with all styles, colors, sizes, and references. Sunglasses will always be an accessory that contributes to a good look and with which it is worth taking risks. Whether it’s Prada’s ‘Ultra Vox,’ Gucci’s ‘Blind for Love’ or Dior visors, or even classic aviators, they are the singer’s trademark.

The Ones

Bad Bunny has stood out for daring to take risks and get out of the established standards of masculinity. Since the beginning of his career, we have seen how his nails are another of his hallmarks. Although he has worn them in all colors, bright, fluorescent dyes, and even very outlandish designs. This shows that he enjoys fashion and has defined a unique style in the artistic world.


Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican Latin trap and reggaeton artist who is one of the biggest Latin music stars in the world. His real name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, and he was born in 1994 in Puerto Rico. Bad Bunny first gained mainstream fame in 2018 with songs like “I Like It” with Cardi B and “Mia” with Drake. Since then, he has cemented his status with massively popular albums like YHLQMDLG (2020) and El Ultimo Tour del Mundo (2022). Known for his trendsetting fashion style and expressive vocals, Bad Bunny blends Latin music genres with elements of pop, rock and hip hop. He sings in Spanish and is hailed as instrumental in bringing Latin trap and reggaeton to a worldwide audience. Beyond his chart-topping music, Bad Bunny is also recognized for using his platform to advocate for issues important to the Latino community such as LGBTQ+ rights and Puerto Rican civic causes. With his unconventional and bold persona, Bad Bunny has broken barriers and introduced Latin urban music to new generations around the globe.

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