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24 Jun 2024

Anime Icons for Apps – Design, Download, and More

Anime Icons for Apps

Anime icons for apps have always been a part of the pop ethos. One Piece, Fairy Tale, and Predator X Hunter are some of the best series that took the world by storm. No wonder some people increase their fandom and use their favorite characters as anime app icons. Launch launcher apps are just one of the few ways to personalize your phone. But if you don’t want to expense the beauty of your default catapult, using anime app icons is the key. If done the right way, it will stretch your phone its character.

What is Anime Icons App?

Icons are graphical representations of a mobile application. They are images that make an application recognizable. These icons are used to launch the app and are mostly found on the home screen of a mobile device, where the rest of the pre-installed and downloaded apps usually appear.

For iPhone and iPad users, iOS 14 paved the way for us to completely control customizing our home screens through widgets and app icons. It’s also worth mentioning that you’re not changing the default app icon

Step One Get Anime Icons for App

Step One Get Anime Icons for App

It all starts with creating the icons that will fit the overall aesthetic you are going for. And there are two main ways to get the job done.

Design your icons

While graphics are available for download online, creating your icon from scratch would still being the best way to go. Not only does it give you creative liberty, but it also allows you to make modifications as you see fit. You can now install and use apps to create your charts.


  • An illustration app developed especially for iPad.
  • It features a complete set of studio tools and capabilities that any designer or illustrator can take anywhere.
  • It requires using an Apple Pencil to experience stunning feedback that makes one want to work with an actual brush and canvas.
  • No monthly subscription is required; An in-app purchase may be required for more robust brushes and tools in graphic design.


  • Canva photo editing platform logo
  • Unlike Procreate, Canva is a graphics creation app with preset graphics that you can use to create your graphic art.
  • It has a massive library of templates, icons and stickers, layout grids, and frames.
  • You can load graphics created with other drawing applications.
  • It comes in a free version and a paid monthly subscription option; end the latter offers more features.

Download Anime Icons for App Free

In another case, some of us are not experts in graphic design. Now, that’s perfectly fine. However, we suggest some places where you can download some graphic presets when you want to redesign your home screens with anime app icons. Pinterest is a treasure trove for anybody looking for pictures for projects. There are Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, One Piece icons, and many more on Pinterest. Use the search bar to find them among the millions of search results.

  • Download Pinterest for Android.
  • Download Pinterest for iOS.

Download an Icon Changer App

Download an Icon Changer App

Now that you’ve created your anime app icons, it’s time to change the default icons to custom ones. And also, Here are apps that will help you change the default icons on your phone.

1. Ume Icon Changer

This decent app allows anyone to change a phone’s default app icons and even their names. And also, It is pretty simple and easy to use, which makes it an app of choice for Android users who want to customize the look of their home screens. You can use icons from the app gallery or custom ones. And also, This app creates a shortcut for an app with the new icon on your home screen.

2. X Icon Changer

X Icon Changer is practically the same as Ume Icon Changer. However, this app adds a trim option for any user to add an animated GIF that plays when the app is tapped to launch it. Also, X Icon Changer offers a solution to the problem of watermarks on app icons. And also, While Android 8.0 and above automatically adds those watermarks, they can be removed by creating a widget on your home screen and setting an app to be launched by that widget.

3. Moonshine – Icon Pack

Moonshine app is a popular choice for an icon changer app. It comes with wallpapers that you can use when customizing your home screen, and it’s also loaded with a library of vector graphics that you can use as app icons on your phone. And also, Many users praise the app for how easy it can be to customize, its well-designed icons and wallpapers, and its free use.

Change Default App Icons to Anime

We are now getting close to the completion of the new look of your phone. And also, This next step shows you how to change your default icons to custom anime app icons on your android and iOS devices.

For Android Phone

Almost all the Android icon changer apps we have provided in this list work similarly. However, to be short, we are using Ume Icon Changer to show you how you can freshen up the look of your Android phone. Here’s how to do it.

Launch Ume Icon Changer

  • On the app’s home screen, you will be prompted to choose the app to change the icon.
  • After choosing an app, the first band of options will ask you to select the shape the icon will take. Choose which one applies best.
  • The second band of options will ask you to choose a new app icon from the app library or your phone’s library. Choose which one applies best.
  • Once you’ve chosen the anime app icon, tap OK.
  • Please confirm to add an app shortcut with an anime app icon on the home screen.
  • Repeat the process for the rest of the apps on your home screen.

for iOS

Along with the release of iOS 14 is the introduction of the Shortcuts app. And also, This application allows you to extend the commands of an application and will enable you to perform tasks faster. And also, It’s also fun as you can customize what the app icon would look like. That is how.

  • Open the Shortcuts app.
  • Tap the + icon to start a new shortcut > tap the selection bar for apps and addresses.
  • In the search bar, type Open Application and select the result that applies to you.
  • Next, select an app to open for this shortcut command.
  • Select the Details options.
  • Type a shortcut name > tap Add to the home screen.
  • Then retype the name of the shortcut.
  • Tap the icon next to the shortcut name. This will prompt you to choose the app icon to accompany the shortcut command.


Customizing and personalizing your home screen has long been a feature of the Android operating system. And also, IOS 14 fully enabled the same element in the iOS environment. Using anime app icons brings the look of your phone to a whole new level. And also, It is aesthetically good for the eyes if done correctly. And also, As we have said, there are several ways to obtain these graphics and some applications that will help you change the look of your home screen.

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