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24 Jun 2024

Ruby Space Triangles, Closet Space Saver As Seen On TV

Are you worried about organizing your clothes but not anymore? Here is a solution: ruby space triangles. The ruby space triangles are the space saver as we can hang our hanger on the hanger that will be used to hang the clothes and make space for keeping the clothes organized. It will hang multiple dresses on a hanger and save about 70% of the closet or wardrobe space. It will work on any hanger. By ruby space triangles, we can organize our clothes in seconds.

Closet Test With Ruby Space Triangles

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Try hanging many clothes at a time and measure the length of the space it occupies. Then, try to add the space triangles with the clothes. Add two clothes in one ruby space and again measure the space. The length will reduce compared to the first space without the ruby space. Add 4 to 5 clothes vertically by adding a hanger on the hanger. The space it occupies gets reduced, then the weight it can balance. It will balance about 10-15, but if the space on top is reduced and becomes more on the bottom, it makes it look congested.

Where Are The Ruby Triangles Manufactured?

It has been manufactured in China as the product is the bulb head brand and consists of a box with 12 space triangles.

Do The Ruby Triangles Work With Any Hangers?

You can see that your messy closet has been organized in some seconds just by the ruby space triangles. You can add jeans, bags, and shirts, six or more. The lower your accessories go, the more space you can see in your closet. These ruby space triangles work with any hangers like plastic, wood, or velvet and are wired as the ruby space triangles are non-slip.

Space Triangles Reviews

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The ruby space triangle reviews are some positive and some negative. Some people felt it helpful and had lots of space in their closet, while others complained about fitting in every hanger. They want to hang more clothes, but their closet needs to be higher, which can be a demerit for space triangles, and also, it cannot balance all the weight of clothes. It is also worth the price as it is good quality at a very low cost.

Buying Of Space Triangles

You can buy the space triangles on Amazon for about $14 or $24. The price may increase or decrease based on the ruby triangle pieces, consisting of about 18-20 pieces in one package.


The ruby space triangles are the triangles that can be hung on any hangers to organize our clothes vertically to avoid messing up our closet or wardrobe. It can add more space to our closet for more clothes as it can be available on Amazon cheaply.

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