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24 Jun 2024

Pixwox – An Altenative Guide To Instagram Content is a website that allows users to view Instagram profiles and photos without having an Instagram account. The site aggregates public Instagram content so visitors can browse profiles, pictures, and videos from their desktop or mobile browser. On Pixwox, users can search for Instagram users by name and see their complete profile with bios, posts, and follower/following counts.

Individual photos and videos are displayed at full resolution outside Instagram’s app interface. Pixwox also provides options to download Instagram posts individually or in bulk. In addition to viewing, Pixwox offers social features like liking photos and following accounts directly from its platform. For users who don’t use Instagram or want a different experience, Pixwox provides an alternative way to discover content and profiles on the famous photo-sharing social network without needing the Instagram app.

How do you download and view Instagram stories with

pixwox provides a simple way to download and view Instagram stories without having an Instagram account. To access stories through Pixwox, first search for the profile of the account you want to see stories from.

Once on their profile page, any current stories will be visible on the right side of the screen as circular thumbnails. You can play stories directly on Pixwox or download the complete collection as a ZIP file for offline viewing. Downloading allows you to save stories to your device before they expire on Instagram after 24 hours.

For private profiles you don’t follow, Pixwox may still show public story posts. It makes Pixwox a handy tool for keeping up with Instagram stories from your browser without the need to log in. The website allows seamless viewing and saving of stories from on both computer and mobile.

How Do I Search For A Specific Profile On Pixwox.Com?


  • First, Go to the website of pixwox –
  • You can see the search column at the top of the page, then type the full Instagram username of the profile you want to find.
  • After that, click the enter button or click the search icon.
  • Pixwox will display the profile if it exists on Instagram.
  • You can now view all posts and stories from that profile without logging into Instagram.
  • Profiles are searchable by username only on Pixwox. You cannot search by name, tags, or other criteria.
  • Type the exact username as it appears on Instagram, including any symbols like underscores. Pixwox search is not case-sensitive.
  • If the profile does not appear after searching, it may be private on Instagram or have restricted its content. Pixwox can only access public profiles.

Can I Download Instagram Stories From Private Profiles Using Pixwox.Com?

While is a helpful tool for viewing public Instagram profiles and downloading photos, it has some limitations regarding private accounts. The site acts as a viewer, not the actual Instagram platform, so it cannot access personal profiles directly. Pixwox can only see and download content that is publicly visible on Instagram.

For private profiles, stories and posts will not be visible or available for download on since they are hidden from non-followers on Instagram. You would need to be logged into the Instagram account to see private stories. So, in summary, while Pixwox is a handy Instagram viewer and downloader for public content, it currently does not have a way to circumvent Instagram’s privacy settings and retrieve stories from private profiles due to technical restrictions.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Stories I Can Download From Pixwox.Com?

While provides a helpful service for downloading public Instagram photos and stories, there are some limitations to be aware of. When it comes to downloading stories from profiles, Pixwox does impose a download limit.

Users can only download up to 30 Instagram stories per user profile each day. This limit is in place to prevent overloading the Pixwox servers and disrupting the service for other users. If a profile has posted more than 30 stories daily, the download tool will only retrieve the most recent 30 before hitting the daily cap.

Repeated attempts to download beyond this limit will result in an error message. So, those looking to archive an extensive collection of stories may need to download them in batches over multiple days. Aside from this daily 30-story download limit, users can download as many public photos from profiles as they wish without any restrictions. The limit helps Pixwox maintain a smooth experience for its large customer base.

Conclusion provides a helpful service for viewing and saving public Instagram content without using the Instagram platform directly. As an external viewer and downloader, it offers a convenient way to browse profiles, photos, videos, and stories.

Some key strengths are its organized interface with popular accounts and hashtags featured and user-friendly download tools. While it does have limitations like not supporting private profiles or restricting story downloads, Pixwox is still effective for archiving publicly accessible Instagram media.

It serves as a full-featured alternative interface for users simply wanting to enjoy content without the Instagram app. With a transparent, non-commercial approach that strictly follows Instagram guidelines, Pixwox establishes user trust. Overall, the site has carved out a niche as a companion tool for Instagram enthusiasts and preserves the public side of the platform separately.

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