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18 Jul 2024

Tactacam Prm-Ums Under Scope Rail Mount For Crossbow

The Tactacam PRM-UMS under-scope rail mount is designed to add action-camera capabilities to any crossbow setup. This mount provides a stable platform to capture everything in full HD for crossbow hunters seeking the ultimate video documentation of their hunts. It attaches securely under the scope rail to position a camera forward-facing for a first-person perspective.

The rigid clamp ensures steady footage without sway, even during powerful shots. To operate hands-free, hunters can quickly start and stop recordings using the included wireless remote. Footage remains protected within the water-resistant camera housing, protecting devices from rain or splatter. With the PRM-UMS, crossbow enthusiasts can record the entire hunting experience from shot to harvest to review shots and close calls in the field. It allows memorable hunts to be relived and shared with others.

Features Of Tactacam Prm-Ums

The Tactacam PRM-UMS provides hunters with robust mounting and versatile camera control. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, the clamp securely attaches to any crossbow scope rail up to 1.5 inches wide. Elastic straps wrap around the rails for a no-slip grip, even during powerful shots. It positions the included waterproof camera housing perfectly for capturing a first-person view.

Within the housing, the camera mount allows minor adjustability for perfecting the angle and framing shots nicely. A protective window shields the lens from debris. Hunters can operate the camera hands-free using the wireless remote to start, stop, and tag important moments in recordings up to 164 feet away. Complete with an SD card, the setup records full 1080p HD video at the 60 frames per second to capture every crucial detail.

How To Use Tactacam Prm-Ums Under Scope Rail Mount For A Crossbow?

tactacam prm-ums under scope rail mount for crossbow

Using the Tactacam PRM-UMS under-scope rail mount is very simple. Remove the standard scope cap from the crossbow and loosen the clamp on the mount to get started. Position the clamp so it squares up underneath the scope rail. Then, tighten the lever to lock the mount in place securely. Next, insert an SD card into the included waterproof camera housing and turn the camera on. Slide the camera into the mount and adjust the angle for the desired framing.

When ready to hunt, press the record button on the wireless remote to start capturing footage. You can then focus on your hunt hands-free. To tag important moments, press the remote button again for bookmarking. When finished hunting, press once more to stop recording. Later, review hunts, shots, and close calls by transferring videos to your device. The PRM-UMS provides hunters with an easy way to document their adventures in crisp HD.

Best Tactacam Prm-Ums Under Scope Rail Mount For Crossbow

The PRM-UMS from Tactacam has earned its reputation as one of the best under-scope rail mounts for crossbows. Its versatile design and rugged build provide rock-solid camera mounting through any hunt. The carrier’s secure clamping system ensures steady, shake-free footage without slippage, even with heavy weapons and powerful shots. Its compatibility with various crossbow scopes means it works out of the package for any setup. Hunters also appreciate the included wireless remote, allowing distraction-free hands-free camera control from a safe distance away.

The housing protects devices from dirt and moisture, preventing weather from ruining footage. Its intuitive design makes operation simple so users can focus on the hunt instead of fiddling with their cameras. With maximum adjustability and mounting options in a rugged, lightweight package, it’s no wonder the PRM-UMS remains a top choice for documenting crossbow expeditions in stunning clarity.

Camera With Tactacam Prm-Ums Under Scope Rail Mount For Crossbow

tactacam prm-ums under scope rail mount for crossbow

The Tactacam PRM-UMS is a versatile mount that allows hunters to attach an action camera to the scope rail of their crossbow for recording shots in the field. Made of robust aircraft-grade aluminum, the PRM-UMS features Uni-Lock quick-release levers that securely yet easily mount most GoPro or similar cameras. It gives hunters a hands-free “over the arrow” point of view to capture footage.

The PRM-UMS clamps onto the scope rail just behind the sight pin to use it. It positions the camera lens perfectly in line with the bolt’s trajectory for an immersive shot. The low-profile design doesn’t obstruct the user’s typical sight picture either. By mounting a camera like this, crossbow enthusiasts can film their hunts in thrilling HD video to share memorable shots and precisely review bolt placement for accuracy.


The Tactacam PRM-UMS is an excellent mounting solution that allows crossbow hunters to attach an action camera to capture their shots from a remarkable vantage point. The over-the-arrow perspective gives a first-person view of launched bolts in flight. The rugged aluminum construction ensures steady, secure attachment without interference to the user’s sight line.

Making camera deployment simple with lever-based quick release empowers hunters to film their excursions efficiently. The low-profile design also maintains the balance and aim ability of the crossbow. For those wanting to document shots for later review or social sharing, the PRM-UMS delivers high-quality footage without drawbacks. Its universal fitment of GoPros and similar models adds versatility. Overall, the Tactacam mount proves a worthwhile accessory for any crossbow enthusiast looking to enrich their hunting experiences through video.

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