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24 Jun 2024

Pycnogenol®: Revolutionizing Anti-Aging

In recent years, the spotlight has shifted towards scientifically-backed products, and one name that stands out is Pycnogenol®. Extracted from the bark of the French maritime pine, this natural compound has undergone extensive research—over 10,000 subjects, 160 clinical trials, and 450 scientific publications spanning four decades—solidifying its reputation for safety and efficacy. Pycnogenol® has become a sought-after ingredient in skincare, cosmeceuticals, and nutraceuticals, promising transformative results.

Pycnogenol® Unveiled: Nature’s Gift to Aging Gracefully

Pycnogenol® originates from the French maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) along the southwest coast of France. Rich in proanthocyanidin (PCOs) and bioflavonoid antioxidants, Pycnogenol®  finds applications in various health sectors, from skincare to heart health.

Pycnogenol® vs. Pine Bark Extract: Decoding the Difference

While pine bark extract and Pycnogenol®  are often used interchangeably, the crucial distinction lies in standardisation. Pycnogenol® is a research-grade, sustainably derived pine bark extract. Its standardised quality, particularly in procyanidin content, differentiates it from generic pine bark extracts. Genuine Pycnogenol® is essential for consistent, research-backed results.

French Maritime Pine Bark Extract: Elevating Skin Health

Known as French Maritime Pine Bark Extract, Pycnogenol® offers diverse benefits for the skin, both orally and topically. Pycnogenol® products globally are recognised for their potency—20 times more powerful than Vitamin C and 50 times more potent than Vitamin E. This has prompted skincare enthusiasts to transition from traditional vitamins to Pycnogenol.

Key Skin Benefits of Pycnogenol®:

  1. Hydrates the skin
  2. Boosts hyaluronic acid production
  3. Stimulates collagen synthesis
  4. Improves skin elasticity and reduces fatigue
  5. Evens skin tone by reducing pigmentation
  6. Inhibits enzymes that break down collagen and elastin
  7. Combats photo-aging, complementing sun protection

Beyond Skin Deep: Pycnogenol®’s Holistic Health Impact

Pycnogenol® extends beyond skincare, showcasing efficacy in various health conditions. Research suggests benefits for circulation problems, allergies, asthma, tinnitus, high blood pressure, muscle soreness, osteoarthritis, diabetes, ADHD, endometriosis, menopausal symptoms, painful menstrual periods, erectile dysfunction, and retinopathy. It has also demonstrated a positive impact on heart health, protecting against coronary artery disease, stroke, blood clots, and varicose veins—a testament to its versatile benefits.

Choosing Quality: Pycnogenol’s Superiority

Quality is paramount when selecting pine bark extract products, and Pycnogenol® sets the gold standard. Products with patented Pycnogenol® stand out for their research-grade quality, unmatched by generic pine bark extracts. In India, CHOSEN® by Dermatology, the authorised Pycnogenol® retailer, guarantees access to authentic products for optimal skin benefits.

In a world where “less is more,” Pycnogenol® emerges as a research-proven ingredient seamlessly integrating into lifestyles—a holistic approach to health and well-being. Embrace the new age of anti-aging with Pycnogenol®, where science and nature converge for a radiant and resilient you.

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