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24 Jun 2024


Tra điểm VietSchool is a Vietnamese educational technology company that provides online assessment and grading solutions. Founded in 2012, VietSchool aims to modernize Vietnam’s K-12 educational system through innovative EdTech tools and platforms. One of VietSchool’s flagship products is an online assessment and grading system that allows teachers to easily create, administer, and automatically grade student assignments, quizzes, and exams. The platform features question banks, testing tools, and automated scoring functionality to save teachers time and ensure objective evaluation. All student work can be digitized, stored, and accessed via any browser or mobile device. Teachers gain insights into class performance via detailed analytics and reporting dashboards. VietSchool also offers supplementary learning materials mapped to official curricula. By promoting data-driven learning through technology, Tra điểm VietSchool is helping schools improve educational outcomes across Vietnam.

Features of Tra điểm VietSchool

tra điểm vietschool

Tra điểm VietSchool offers comprehensive features to facilitate online assessment and make the grading process more efficient for teachers. The platform allows instructors to develop quizzes and tests utilizing an enormous question bank categorized by subject, chapter, and difficulty level. It provides multiple question formats, including multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and essay. Automatic grading is supported for objective questions, while subjective responses can be manually reviewed. Detailed student performance reports, statistics, and visualizations give teachers actionable insights. Online submissions are timestamped to prevent cheating. With digital storage of all schoolwork, learning progress can be tracked over time. Mobile apps allow access anywhere via smartphone or tablet. A learning management system component delivers interactive lessons. Parent/student accounts promote collaboration. Additional school administration tools manage classes, schedules, and other operations. Tra điểm VietSchool enhances the learning experience for all stakeholders by streamlining assessment and leveraging data.

Platforms of Tra điểm VietSchool

Tra điểm VietSchool provides its online assessment solutions across various platforms to meet the needs of modern educational institutions. The core platform is accessed via a responsive web interface via any desktop or laptop computer. This allows full functionality, whether at school or home. In addition, VietSchool has developed dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, enabling on-the-go access for teachers, students, and parents. Teachers can create, schedule, and grade assessments through the intuitive mobile app interfaces. Students can take tests, view grades, and complete assignments on smartphones. For large venues like computer labs, VietSchool also offers a client application that can be installed on multiple machines for synchronized exam administration. By delivering its feature-rich ecosystem through modern web, mobile, and client-based platforms, Tra điểm VietSchool ensures its digital solutions are accessible anytime and anywhere to optimize learning convenience and outcomes.

Collaborations of Tra điểm VietSchool

tra điểm vietschool

Tra Diem VietSchool has collaborated with various partners in Vietnam and internationally to enrich its education programs and student experiences. Within Vietnam, it has partnered with top universities, such as the University of Da Nang, to enable its students to earn dual high school diplomas and university credits. This allows students to get a head start on their higher education.

Tra Diem VietSchool also works closely with the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training to ensure its curriculum meets national standards. On the global front, it has partnerships with schools in America, Canada, Australia, and more to facilitate student exchange programs. Tra Diem VietSchool students can study abroad for a semester or full academic year through these collaborations.

The school also cooperates with overseas testing organizations to provide qualifications like AP/IB exams to its students. These meaningful partnerships help Tra Diem VietSchool deliver a world-class international bilingual education that exposes its pupils to diverse cultures and prepares them for future success worldwide.


Tra Diem VietSchool has established itself as a leading international bilingual school in Vietnam through its diverse and innovative education programs. By effectively combining the Vietnamese and American curriculums and integrating global experiences, it provides students with an ideal blend of local roots and international perspectives.

Tra Diem VietSchool’s dedicated teachers have benefited countless young minds by cultivating their academic abilities and life skills like critical thinking, leadership, and social responsibility. The school’s collaborative approach with top universities and educational networks worldwide further broadens the horizons of its pupils.

As it continues to uphold excellence and advance with changing times, Tra Diem VietSchool is well-positioned to nurture the next generation of global-minded leaders for Vietnam. Its commendable efforts in delivering quality international bilingual schooling make it an exemplary choice for families seeking to equip their children with a world-class education locally within Vietnam.

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