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18 Jul 2024

What is Forbes Cloud 100? – Value, Ranking, Online, and More

What is Forbes Cloud 100?

It is the first time that Forbes has compiled the Forbes cloud 100 Companies 2016 ranking, focused on highlighting the best private companies that offer cloud services worldwide. The investment company Bessemer Venture Partners has collaborated in its preparation.

With the publication of this list, Forbes recognizes the companies helping to transform the way of doing business and allowing organizations to focus on their activity. In choosing these hundred companies, Forbes has considered both their financial growth and the recognition of their clients. In addition, the magazine considers that advances in cloud security software and the development of this platform are redefining the future of all industries and sectors.

The Value Proposition is Forbes Cloud 100

In the beginning, the three founding partners understood that positioning themselves next to a world-class leader like Amazon Web Services would lay the foundations for a business model forged with the highest quality standards and open the doors to an ecosystem with unlimited opportunities for constant innovation. From Helsinki to Hong Kong, the companies on the list are selected for their growth, sales, valuation, and culture, in addition to a reputation score derived from consultation with 26 judges and CEO executives of their public cloud company peers.

After several years of sky-high valuations and a wide-open IPO window that helped list makers go public and graduate from the listing. Of the 11 companies that went public on the list last year, six less than the previous year, all are trading well below their list price.


However, the movement into this year’s Cloud 100 fails to capture the industry-wide changes that are still bubbling away fully. This year’s list is more extensive than ever, with a combined market capitalization of more than $100 billion than in 2021 and a more significant headcount by total, average, and median. However, those valuations are being to unravel from their recent exuberant peaks, and layoffs have crept into the ranks. As a result, list makers in 2022 should now proceed with caution.

And while the Cloud 100 is more diverse than ever, the industry still has a long way to go. For example, only eight companies in the Cloud 100 are run by women, down from just six a year ago. In addition, none of the companies is Spanish. Disclosure: The 2022 Cloud 100 includes companies that have taken investment from Bessemer Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures, which helped create this list.

The Ranking of Forbes Cloud 100

The Ranking of Forbes Cloud 100

Stripe payments software is back at number one on the list after a year-long hiatus. It is the most valuable starts in the US, with around 95 billion dollars. It is followed by AI-focused data platform Databricks, valued at $28 billion. According to Forbes, the top 10 Cloud 100 companies are worth $190 billion. That includes open banking platform Plaid , valued at $13.4 billion. In which returns to the list after its plan acquisition by Visa fell through in January, and Figma. The design software most recently, moving up 22 spots after a recent $10 billion valuation.

“Our Cloud 100 list recognizes the most innovative and valuable private companies in cloud technology,” said Alex Konrad, senior editor at Forbes. “This year’s ranking takes on a truly global perspective, with 12 companies. On the list headquartered outside. the US and nine more jointly headquartered or founded outside the US. In addition, the world has seen a dramatic increase in the last year. In with 29 new comers to our 2021 list, making this an especially transformative time for the sector.”

Online Payment Processing of Forbes Cloud 100

Online payment processing company Stripe has risen to the top spot after reaching number 2 on the list last year. The honorees on this year’s list have a combined market value of $514 billion. Is almost doubling the total in 2020, with Stripe accounting for almost a fifth of that sum. Combined, the top 10 on the list are worth about $190 billion.

Since finalizing the 2021 rankings in July, both Wikified and CS Disco have gone public, while 15 other companies from last year’s Cloud 100 rankings. I have graduated from the list since the year passed through OPI, including Snowflake, UiPath, Confluent or Procore among others.

To coincide with the launch, Forbes spotlights Figma CEO and co-founder Dylan Field. How the 29-year-old entrepreneur carved the company into the hottest startup in design software. The valued at $10 billion and used by companies like Airbnb, BMW, and Zoom.


Forbes has released its “2021 Cloud 100 List”, the definitive. Is ranking of the top 100 private cloud companies in the world. If produced in collaboration with Bessemer Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures. The 2022 Cloud 100 companies are much more significant by valuation, headcount, and funding. It metrics than last year’s list, but there are fewer newcomers, fewer big new valuations, and fewer IPOs. These are signs of an industry maturing, but waves of tech layoffs and valuation. The corrections, coupled with the market slump of recent months. I have also played a part in shaping the list. In which is still dominated by companies from the San Francisco Bay Area A Stripe, Databricks, and Canva, returning to the top three again this year.

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