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24 Jun 2024
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Best Archer Queen Launch Party Deck Gameplay

Best Archer Queen Launch Party Deck – The Archer Queen is a Hero encouraged by the regular Archer, but she is bigger, stronger, more powerful, and with a slightly more extensive range.

Like Archers, she is a ranged troop that uses a bow to hit ground and air targets. However, her range is more extensive than a regular Archer: 5 tiles instead of 3.5.

Even though she shoots three arrows at a time, she does single damage, capable of hitting a single target simultaneously.

During battles, the Archer Queen works similarly to a regular Archer. Without a preferred target, she will always target the closest building. If an enemy Hero or Clan Castle troop approaches, she will stop attacking the current defence and attack the army.

What is a Queen Walk?

A Queen Walk is a method of using the Archer Queen with several Healers to agree her to change around the enemy village whilst consuming any incoming harm she collects healed. This tactic is most feasible with the Archer Queen owing to her having a ranged attack and a high harm output (unlike the Grand Warden), agreeing to sprout over walls.

Either 4 or 5 healers can remain used for a Queen Walk, though at TH10 and above, it is greatest to use five due to the better danger of Seeking Air Mines taking out a healer or two. Rage Spells canister can also remain used to boost the healing of the Healers and growth the damage production from the Archer Queen for short-lived periods when compulsory.

This tactic is most excellent with a mid to high-level Archer Queen. A lower-level Archer Queen absences the HP to buffer tank when there is peak inward damage and lacks the DPS rapidly take out defensive Clan Castle crowds and defences. At TH9, this is feasible with an Archer Queen from round level 10 upwards.

When to use a Queen Walk

The Queen Walk is usually used at the start of an attack to take out strategic targets before the main army troops remain deployed. At TH11 and overhead, this can be a model for finishing a portion of the base without actuating the Eagle Artillery.

Luring and abolishing defending Clan Castle crowds is often the most valuable impartial, as this will help protect the rest of your military troops. If you use an air-based attack, the Queen Walk can remain used to destroy Air Defences, especially on base designs where they are offset to one side and take out the defensive Queen.

The priority of targets will depend on your primary army strategy to ensure you get a maximum value before deploying those crowds.

The Queen Walk can be another to use a kill squad. However, if the Queen can survive her initial push, she can provide far greater value, occasionally taking out as significantly as 50% of the village throughout the attack.

Range of the Archer Queen’s Attack

The Archer Queen has a variety of 5 tiles. It allows her to shoot over a wall and attack two rows of structures, assuming there is no space left among the rows. The following examples display which structures the Queen would be able to attack:

When to use the Queen’s Royal Cloak Aptitude

Best Archer Queen Launch Party Deck – The Royal Cloak ability is the Queen’s become out of jail free card. Activating it will cause defences targeting her to lose emphasis and target other crowds, such as the Archers she broods. Ideally, you must try and save her ability later in the attack when she is more profound in the village and use a Rage Spell before then.

Common Scenarios can Include:

Best Archer Queen Launch Party Deck – Single Target Inferno Tower is targeting the Queen, and she won’t be able to destroy it before it reaches flame stage 3.

High injury defending Clan Castle troops that won’t remain destroyed earlier they reach the Queen.

High Level of Inward Damage that Even a Rage Spell Cannot Mitigate.

Once the ability has remained activated, the Queen will have a few seconds for Healers to help recover her health before she is vulnerable to defences.

Remember that though the Queen cannot remain targeted throughout her ability. She can still take damage from the area of result traps and defences which could knock her out. Probably, the Archers she spawns can gun trigger a nearby Giant Bomb which. Contingent on her HP at that point, could be sufficient to overcome her.

If there are known air traps near where the healers will pass. Use a Balloon to activate and detonate the traps. It will help prevent losing a Healer, and Balloons are five troop space vs 14 troop space.

Unless you organize your Queen in a location. Where she will immediately take a large amount of damage and deploy healers in a staggered manner. This can be good to do on new hits where you are uncertain of where air traps are. The first Healer organized can trigger multiple air traps and result in your remaining healers. Being able to be organized unscathed.

Most importantly of all, practice makes perfect. Reading about how to perform the ideal Queen Walk will only assist you so much; nothing beats knowledge. Use a Queen Walk when agricultural and practice navigating her about the village you are attacking to understand how she paths. Take a few funnelling troops. Such as Baby Dragons, and practice using them to direct her where you would like her to go. Start attacking weaker villages and as you become more contented, attack stronger ones. A Queen Walk can be authentic for looting Dark Elixir as you can direct the Queen towards the storing.


Best Archer Queen Launch Party Deck – Don’t be afraid of disappointment; sometimes. It goes wrong for smooth the most experienced players. If it goes wrong, watch the rerun and try and identify what you could have done differently. You can take something optimistic from a failure if you learn something from it to help you prosper in future attacks.

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